For recruiters - FAQ

Updated: June 4, 2019, 7:37 p.m.

Hi there 👋 thanks for taking an interest in me and my profile, I know I’m nothing more than a keyword match right now, so I have gone to the effort of putting this information here for you.

please, try to make it to the end. I know there’s a fair bit of info here and you have roles to fill. I’m trying to save us both some time here. You’re welcome 👍

What’s your current situation?
  • Currently open to “opportunities”.
How come your looking again?
  • Like most developers will say, I want to work with tomorrow’s tech stack today.
What’s my ideal role?
  • Working with Django, Nodejs,  Vuejs, Vanilla js, React js , Digital Ocean, AWS and GitHub.
  • Working in an agile environment using best practices for development.
  • Working in a team where there is an emphasis on technical development.
How many years experience do you have?
  • I started as a professional web developer in Oct 2016.
  • For more, check out my about page which details my experience and a bit about me.

Pay Check?
  • Right now, for me, it’s more about learning and progressing with the technology than it’s about salary.
  • That being said, however, I’m not going to be giving a number for my salary because, among other things, it can be used to cap any offer made to me. In other words, my old salary becomes what’s known in behavioural economics as an anchor.

Are you willing to relocate?
  • Nope!
Are you willing to work remotely?
  • For my development over the next 24 months or so I will get the most out of being office based closer to more experienced colleagues.
What are your location preferences?
  • I live in bengaluru near vijaynagar. As far it's under 30 mins ride, It would be great.
Your skills look like a great match for this position we have. Can we have a quick five minute phone call to chat?

You are welcome to my phone number to call but I won’t answer it unless there is a prior arrangement or I recognise your number. I prefer to avoid phone calls for these reasons:

  • I’m on a maker’s schedule, which means interruptions are disruptive to my flow.
  • I’ve already tried to answer some of the most basic questions on this page, and I’ve probably phrased them more clearly here than I will on the phone.
  • Contact me by email. That’s my preferred means of communication. If we are still interested in after some fact checking I’d love to have a chat.
  • Want me to know you have spent more than the three seconds nearly all recruiters spend on this page? (I use Google Analytics 👀)

Interview availability?
  • I can telephone interview with little notice.
  • It will entirely depend on the location for face to face interviews.

Can I take a look at your CV?
  • Sure! My CV is here : CV