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Navaneeth Nagesh

Full Stack Developer

A little bit about me, I started web development back in 2015 found it interesting when i was doing my engineering back then. Since 2016 had been working as a full stack developer in a startup. I have been self learning web development (JavaScript, Python) and all related technologies.
The projects i have worked on E-commerce, IT products, work management products and many more.
My preferred stack would be django or Node js for the backend and vuejs, reactjs, vanilla js or angularjs for the front end. As for styling is concerned i would prefer scss, which is a css compiler. For the database mysql, sqlite3, mongodb or postgresql. The cloud service providers i have experience working with digital ocean, heroku and amazon web service(AWS). The other technologies i have experience working with nginx (web server), gunicorn (python web server).
Any other experiences? you ask. I did digital marketing as well when i'm building this site. This website was designed and developed by me.

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Frontend Framework

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Database Language


The frequent tools, I use.
And many more ...


TODO app in Webassembly
TODO app in Webassembly

It's a TODO application which was coded in rust framework called yew and was compiled target to webassembly.

Express - nodejs
Express - nodejs

I built this application 3 years back when node js was still an buzz word to me. so just to play around with this runtime server. I built this small application. where a user can register and login. A login user can submit a form. I have used mongoDB as a database for this project.

Django babel boilerplate
Django babel boilerplate

It's a python package which is a cli app which sets up project environment with babel. I built this app to make my workflow easy going. It usually takes time to set up django and babel together. setting up urls, views and static path. it used to take most of my time. with this app it structures everything from static folders to python setting files.

Django static class minifier
Django static class minifier

Precompress Django static files with DOM class names shortening. To know more about it, head to the documentation.